• Domestic Wild-Caught


    Fresh, shell-on, headless shrimp is the main product that we carry and we have over 40 years experience in handling it! All of our shrimp are Domestic Wild-Caught (not farmed raised)! Usually our trucks will have 3 or 4 different sizes available and you can buy any amount you want.
  • cooked and picked

    Blue Crab Meat

    Our fresh blue crab meat is domestic and comes in 1 lb containers, fully cooked and picked. It is hand-picked so it may contain some pieces of shell or cartilage; remove any that may be present before use. The season usually starts in May and goes into October, though sometimes it may not be available due to weather factors.


    Our oysters are shucked and sold in both pints and quarts. All of our oysters come from state approved waters and shucked in licensed and inspected facilities. The oyster season runs from September into the beginning of May. The old adage of eating oysters only in months with an "R" was before the days of adequate refrigeration, but they do taste better in the colder months.
  • already peeled and deveined


    We sell partially-cooked crawfish tails from Louisiana, already peeled and deveined, so they are very easy to work with. Basically just add them to any dish and cook another couple of minutes. They have never been frozen and come in 1 pound vacuum-sealed bags. The season for crawfish is in the spring until the end of June.
  • already gutted

    Red Snapper

    We bring fresh whole red snapper, already gutted. For years there has been a quota on how much can be caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Red Snapper is available until the quota is caught but also depending on the weather

Specializing in truckload sales of seasonally available FRESH Gulf Coast Seafood
Direct to the public since 1975


Fabian Seafood is a small family business based in Galveston, Texas, which started in 1975, selling our fresh shrimp throughout most of Texas and Oklahoma from the back of pick-up trucks. Back then, we would buy the shrimp from the boats, ice them down, and drive overnight several hundred miles or more inland to sell them the very next day. Of course, lots of customers were skeptical, especially about buying from a truck in a parking lot. But after they tried our fresh shrimp and told their friends, our business grew. We started carrying other seafood products, but fresh shrimp is still our main product.

Since 1977, we have transported our fresh shrimp and other fresh seafood in refrigerated trucks and, later also by air cargo, and have sold throughout the Midwest and Plains States direct to the consumer. Our selling areas include most of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Oklahoma, and some parts of Illinois, Indiana, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. We are fully licensed and inspected and take great care in ensuring that the seafood we sell is the freshest available.

The Shrimp Season generally lasts from April into November and we are closed the rest of the year (if you try to contact us then, you may not get a reply until Spring). We also bring up Fresh Shucked Oysters in the Spring and again in the Fall. Fresh Blue Crabmeat is available starting in May and going into October. Crawfish are in season from Spring into June. Red Snapper is available until the quota is caught.

We do not post our schedules online as hurricanes and the weather can disrupt any planned sales

We notify our customers a few days before each sale by discount post cards and also by e-mail. To receive dates and locations of sales near you, send us your address and we'll put you on the mailing list or just call us. In general, we sell in each city once every 3-4 weeks though in some places its every 6 weeks, depending on the route. 

Prices change according to the catches and all sizes are not available at all times. Much depends on the time of the season and on the weather conditions on the Gulf coast. 

We are a small family business so we don't have a full-time crew answering emails. Sometimes it is days before we have the time to read all the emails and answer everything. 

So for urgent questions, please call us in Galveston at (409) 765-9522. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Otherwise, for general questions, send us an email.

Steve Fabian, Dan Fabian, Jose Gallardo, Justin Gian, Jeremy Chamberlin, Mike Nielsen and Tanya Fabian.


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